Хлебные крошки

About printing-house

The label is a face of the product. The first purchase is often resulting of impulse that is given by appearance of the product on the shelf in shop. Beautiful, expensive seemed label will engage buyers’ attention and complete exotic-shaped bottles and caps of heating drinks, containers, cans, boxes, canisters or anything that could be in hot head of marketing managers.

Rich colors, glance play of colors renditions and matt surfaces of deep tints that are framed with affected patterns of sparkling foil, prominent characters that tactilely complement rich facing live impression on customer that it’s really valuable thing and it costs its price.

Your product can and must look so. We make exactly that label. That’s why you are on the one way with us.

Only the best materials from the world leading manufacturer.

The best quality foil.

High-pigmented UV-colors. High-glance lacquers.

Powerful 10-colors equipment from the world leading manufacturer that has possibility of foil pressing, glazing, lamination, stencil screen printing, hologram pressing and all of this in one aisle.

Employees that adore their work.

Exactly in that way forming quality that proved by time and hundred millions of manufactured labels.

The printing-house LLC “ZFNM” is a modern printer that specializes in the manufacture of self-sticking label by flexoprint method.

We work successfully on print market since 2008. We manufacture self-sticking label for enterprises of food, chemical, alcohol, chemistry, pharmaceutical and other industries.

We offer for our customers complete solutions in the field of print on the base of the recent knowledge ant the most modern technologies.

The printery is equipped with narrow-width machines. Every machine has 10 print section and possibility hot and cold foil blocking, glazing with UV-lacquers, lamination with BOTP, blind stamping and stencil screen printing.

Our printery is one of a number among domestic enterprises that opened up manufacture of peel and seal label.

The main tasks we set for us working with Customers are:

  • Providing the best and the most complete range of printing services;
  • Efficiency of products manufacturing;
  • Quality control on all stages of manufacturing;
  • Delivery of production to the end user.

Chosen our printing house you receive a reliable partner for realization of your printing tasks and projects.

Your commercial success becomes also our target.