Хлебные крошки

Manufacture of cathodes

Copper cathodes are manufactured by the electrolytic refining of anode copper. The purpose of such refining is to receive high-purity copper (99,90—99,99% Cu) that satisfy customers requirements.

For electrolytic refining anodes that are casted after fire refining are placed in electrolyses bath filled with sulfuric acid electrolyte. There are placed thin copper plates between anodes in bath. These are cathodes bases. When the bathes are to the DC switched on, electrodissolution of copper on anode is occurred and cationes move through electrolytic liquid and deposit on cathode. Copper impurities mainly distributed between slurry (solid residue at the bottom of bath) and the electrolyte. As a result of electrolytic refining receive cathode copper, slurry and foul electrolyte that is utilized. Furthermore, due to incomplete dissolution of the anodes receive electrochemical anodic remains (anodic scrap).

In our enterprise is used the technology of growing cathodes on the cathodes bases. First matrix base is prepared. It is a thin copper slab with riveted clamps that later will be placed in electrolyses bath with anodes.

As a result of electrolytic refining clarified copper is settled on the cathode base forming the cathode. Impurities are moved to fluid or settle out (sludge).