Хлебные крошки

Copper wire


Copper wire rod, oxygen-free high conductivity, light, requiring no further pickling used for production of electrotechnical wire.

Requirements document TR У 13614181.001-98 that is in accordance to DSTU EN 13601-СU-OF-R180-RND8.

Physical-technical parameters

Effective diameter, mm8,0
Maximum diameter deviation, mm±0,2
Copper content, %, no less than99,99
Oxygen content, %, no more than0,001
Electrical resistivity of wire rod at 20 °С, Оm×mm2/m, no more than0,01724
Tensile strength, N/m2, no less than160×106
Percentage extension, %, no less than35
Number of twists and detwists, no less than10
Number of twists to one direction until destruction, no less than50

Advantage of our oxygen free wire rod is in its high conductivity because of absence of impurities and inclusions. That is why production that is made from oxygen free wire rod has better characteristics of electric resistance. Corresponding to above mentioned it gives a possibility to reduce the weight of wire or core as a result of wire diameter reducing, herewith such requirements of GOST as electrical DC resistance remains relevant. High producibility of our wire rod, that is achieved as a result of absence of oxygen compounds in copper, allow to exclude the process of mean drawing and receive fine wire with diameter 0,15–0,5 mm without interstage annealing. Oxygen free wire rod recycles to the wire with diameter 0,15–0,5 mm without breakages and on high speeds. It reduces the expenses for further manufacturing.


Coils of copper wire rod that have weight from 1000 to 3500 kg are packed on wooden pallets and covered with PE film, fixed with steel straps.

Guaranteed storage life of wire rod: three months from the date of manufacture.