Хлебные крошки

Copper electrotechnical round wire


Copper electrotechnical round wire is destined for wire and cable production as well as for other electrotechnical purposes.

Follow grades wire is produced:

  • МТ – copper hard;
  • ММ – copper soft.
  • Wire is produced with effective diameter from 1.14 to 3.5 mm.

Wire specifications

  1. Maximum deviation of wire diameter

    Effective diameter, mmMaximum deviation
    From 1,14 to 2,95±0,01
    From 2,95 to 3,5±0,02
  2. Electrical resistivity of wire at 20 °С not more than 0,01724 Om×m×10-6
  3. Mechanical parameters of wire:

    Effective diameter, mmTensile strength of MT grade wire (kg/mm2), no less, thanPercentage extension of MM grade wire, %, no less, than
    From 1,14 to 3,0422 (43)30
    From 3,0 to 3,5392 (40)30


MT grade wire is delivered on metal coils with flange diameter 630 mm, fixed on wooden pallets and covered with PE film.

  • Weight of copper wire on coil is up to 420 kg;
  • Weight of copper wire in cardboard container is from 1000 kg up to 2000 kg.

Guaranteed storage life of wire: six months from the date of manufacture.