Хлебные крошки

Manufacture of cabling and wiring products

«ZFNM» LLC is the modern, constantly developing company, continues to expand its range of products nomenclature, without limitation only to copper production, but also constantly expanding its range of cable products.

Today «Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous metals» LLC produces:


II. Building wire: NYM.

III. Flexible cables: H05V-K; H07V-U; H07V-K; H05Z-K; H07Z-K;  H07Z-U; H07Z-R; H03VV-F/H05VV-F; H03VH-H; H07RN-F; H01N2-D.

IV. Control cables: NYY control cables; YSLY. 

V. Fire resistant power cable: (N)HXH-J FE180/E30; (N)HXH-J FE180/E90.

VI. Bare copper strand: Bare copper strand

VII. Overhead line: AsXSn

Production of cabling and wiring products

The cable and wire of ZFNM is made on extrusive lines of Italy and Finland.

Extrusion lines allow to apply insulation materials on copper or aluminum conductor with cross section from 0,5 mm2 to 1000 mm2. Conductor with specified cross section moved from pay-off stand through caterpillar drive to extrusion die, around the conductor laid on hot plasticate, and isolated conductor comes to a cooling bathtub, passes through the tests unit on breakdown, then under the influence of caterpillar draft arrives on the take-up drum.

For coating the spiral cable core moves from the pay-off drum through caterpillar draft to extrusive head, around the cable core laid on hot plasticate, and the isolated cable comes to a cooling bathtub, then under the influence of caterpillar draft arrives on the take-up drum.

For the application of the shell core twisted cable drum donating through caterpillar traction served in a die around the stranded core superimposed hot plastic compound and sheathed cable enters the cooling bath, then under the influence of track rod enters the spool.

Advantages of cabling and wiring products of ZFNM:

  • by imposing of plastic isolation and a cover of a cable is applied the diameter control equipment of isolation and a cover in a hot and cold state that allows to control precisely the diameter along the full length;
  • the use of high frequency testers (integrity check on breakdown) allows to control quality of isolation as well as to identify possible defects at early stage in the extrusion of the insulation of the cable, and also to control integrity of a protective cover in armored cable;
  • electronic counters of measurement length provide the accuracy of measurements of finished products, as well as for winding of call-off quantity of meters of wire or cable;
  • the possibility of installation cable reels No. 20 on take-up line allows to produce a cable with large cross sections with a long length of one a piece on a drum;
  • as insulating and cover material is used the plasticate of company – the honored leader of the Ukrainian market of plastic compounds and foreign companies;
  • standard documentation on cable products developed on the basis of the IES International standards requirements;
  • raw materials for the production of a copper conductor in cable and wire is oxygen-free copper wire rod by own production, received from copper cathodes with a copper content of 99.99. Copper conductor produced from such raw materials meet all the physical and chemical requirements of GOST, and allows to receive the minimum weight in compliance with the electrical resistance requirements of GOST.