Хлебные крошки


LLC Zaporozhye Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals – our work system is designed to meet the needs of customers and provides high efficiency and reliability of production and transportation of products. Providing with resources and services of the required quality and in time is the success of the company and an important competitive advantage. Through our success to the prosperity of each of us.

For suppliers and contractors

Our main purpose of manufacturing strategy is increasing of production and range of products with high added value, that quality, properties and characteristics have to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

Zaporozhye Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals is opened to long-term relationships with suppliers which divide company's commitment to high standards of business ethics, quality and production efficiency.

For more efficient administration of purchase activity, reducing of costs, increasing the profitability of operating activities our company goes from traditional purchase facility to the complex supply chain management process.

The key objectives for purchases:

  • quality;
  • promptness of delivery;
  • cost;
  • efficiency.

Key principles of cooperation:

  • mutual trust, respect and responsibility;
  • improve products quality, improvement of technologies, the creation of new products;
  • continuous processes improvement.

Continuous processes improvement:

  • strive to improve everything that we do;
  • optimize and standardize all processes with the latest technology and tools of manufacturing system;
  • reduction of costs and increasing of process efficiency.

Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers:

  • To create strategic alliances that provide suppliers participation in collaboration for quality increasing and technologies improvement;
  • To deepen mutual trust, respect, and responsibility for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement processes.