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LLC "ZFNM" received VDE certificate!


LLC "ZFNM" received VDE certificate!
Dear our partners!

We are pleased to inform you that on May 21, 2019, VDE Institute granted our company the right to apply the VDE Cable Mark!
The right to apply VDE Cable Mark on products is possible only after receiving positive results of testing the functioning of the quality management system and positive results of testing samples of cable products, in accordance with the current European harmonized standards and / or national standards of Germany.
VDE is an association of electrical, electronic and information technology specialists, one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe, with more than 36,000 specialists from various fields of science and technology. Cables and wires, produced according to the regulations of the German electrical engineering association, are trusted by customers not only in Germany, but throughout the world. The VDE marking for the European consumer is considered as a symbol of "electrical quality".
From now on, our NYY cable will be marked with the VDE Cable Mark. The presence of the VDE marking is not a mere formality, it is a documentary confirmation of the compliance of our products with the highest quality standards and a guarantee of the conformity of products to the requirements of the International Laws on product safety, durability and environmental protection.

We guarantee you European quality at Ukrainian prices!

Certificate can be found here.