Хлебные крошки

Test methods of production. Laboratory

Quality and reliability of production is the base of enterprises policy. Maintains of technical process is constantly controlled during whole manufacturing cycle by engineers of enterprise. Strict observance of test methods from incoming material control till products shipping is the main target of laboratory staff activity.

The Laboratory of LLC ZFNM is authorized by State “Zaporozhye Scientific and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification” and fitted with the most modern equipment and test methods, that allow with normalize accuracy:

  • Carry out the chemical analyses of copper wire rod with lower detection limit of element’s mass fraction from 0,1 ррm;
  • Measurement of electrical resistance to direct current of electrical wire and conductors for cable products in the range (1×10-8 / 1,1111×108) Оm;
  • Measurement of electrical resistance of insulation of cable products to 10 000 MOm;
  • Voltage test of cable products to 70 kV;
  • Determination of physical and mechanical properties of insulation materials, wire and wire rod;
  • Measurement of the geometric dimensions of the structural elements of cable products, wires and wire rod;
  • Testing of the production before, during and after exposure of climatic factors that are set to cable products.

Carrying out the tests according to the requirements of harmonized national standards with international and European standards provides wire and cable products safety that is set by Regulation №1067 “Low-voltage electric equipment” and matching of all manufactured production to European quality level.