Хлебные крошки

Manufacturing of printing-house

The printing-house of Zaporozhye Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals possesses rich possibilities for print of wide range of self-sticking label that satisfies all customers’ requirements.

We present today one of the widest choice of label decoration on Ukrainian market.

Supreme integrity of all kinds pre-printing, printing and finishing works at one enterprise allow to ensure one of the highest level of quality control in domestic print.

Pre-printing treatment

Pre-printing process specialists will process customers dummy for supreme accordance to requirements of procedure of print, lettering, glazing etc.

Previously all parameters of text and story line of label will be agreed with customer. Forms of dummy approval and end products rewinding are signed for an accordance to customer’s manufacture requirements and to ensure minimum of equipments stoppage for label-rolls changing.

In this department customer’s designers can receive detailed instructions for correct execution of dummies for flexoprint and all kinds of decoration manufactured by our enterprise.

Plate engraving

Only own producing of plates can give full control over the quality and efficiency of print. That is why our printing-house is equipped with the modern complex of polymer platemaking that allows to produce stable quality plates in the shortest terms.

Also we make lightning, washout and rotary screen printing cylinders gluing on our own equipment. It provides higher quality than if you order from another contractors.


Label is printed on narrow-width ten colors flexoprint machines. High-pigmented UV-hardened colors are used in manufacture and it provide rich colorful print. Modular structure allows install hot foil blocking, blind stamping sections and rotary screen in line.

All of these factors allow print high-complexity orders in one aisle that extremely positive effect on label-quality and reduce wastes. After all what cunning, everything is paid by customer. So, the savings is obvious.


The wide range of decorating processes is enable for complete multy-colors label. Hot and cold foil blocking, different glazing, among others with Braille lacquer will favorably distinguish products on the supermarket shelf among competing brands.

For label protection during products manufacturing and delivery to regions from HQ BOTP are used which prevent label abrasion on bumpers of gluing lines and sides of package. The most of our products is covered with BOTP.

For paper label to create relief elements hot stamping is enough. It make label more prominent and add light and color contrast to artistic story.


For more convenient labeling on the relevant section cutting in the rolls with agreed length, width and decoiling direction is made. It also helps to avoid time loss for setting of labeling line.

Here the additional products inspection is made before packaging.


Products is stickered on plugs and box. Rolls are covered with PE foil for better protection.

Products can be delivered in sole boxes as well as on pallets.