Хлебные крошки


Mission of our company

We are working to ensure you have an opportunity to get the best and make the world around safer, keep people’s life and health.

Our company exists already 28 years on wire-cable market. For this short-term period our factory is recommended as reliable partner and professional in its business.

History of development of our company

The 15th of October, 1991Scientific and industrial firm Forum is founded, sales of wire and cable products began.
1998There was the first in Ukraine line for production of copper wire rod by method of upwards casting installed.
1999The Company was included to the rating of "100 Best Companies of Ukraine".
2000The first time ever in Ukraine the technology of multiwire fine drawing is provided. The Company became the main supplier of copper conductors on Ukrainian market.
2001Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys is founded.
2004The division of electrolytical refining was launched; producing of copper cathodes was mas-tered.
2005Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous alloys began the manufacturing of wire and cable produc-tion.
2007Wire and cable products are produced under Electro Cable Group trademark.
2008The own printing-house for label-production was opened.
2010Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous metals is founded.
2011The range of manufactured cable with extended cross-section from 150 mm2 to 1000 mm2 is essentially increased.
2012The manufacturing of fire-resistant cable (N) НХН FE 180/E30 and (N) НХН FE 180/E30 for 30 min. and 90 min was set up.
2013There were frame stranding machine, rigid type stranding machine and automatic cable coil-ing line installed. It let to increase the volume of finish-product output of wire and cable twofold.
2014The manufacturing of power cable with PVC-insulation and sheath, with filling PVC-compound NYM grade for voltage to 0,3/0,5 kV is set.