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ZFNM today

“Zaporozhye Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals” is a modern holding that includes a group of companies with powerful industrial base and reputation as a reliable business partner.

Holding includes industrial processes for manufacturing of:

  • Copper cathodes
  • Copper conductor
  • Copper wire
  • Copper and aluminum cables (power, armored, shielded, fire-resistant, installation wires and cables with voltage up to 1 kV);
  • Label products

Products manufactured by “ZFNM” are shipped to:

  • all regions of Ukraine;
  • CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus;
  • Europe: England, Holland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Greece;
  • Asia: Georgia, China and India.

Today "ZFNM" is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cable and wire products in Ukraine. Our wire and cable products represented under trademark «Electro Cable Group» is recognized not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The foundation of the enterprise’s success is a result of tradition and values developed for more than 20 years.

For 25 years “ZFNM” increased its range of products to more than 2,500 positions and occupies the first place in Ukraine on manufacture of cable and wire products and copper cable in PVC insulation voltage up to 1 kV.

  • >100 000 tons

    Of copper wire rod produced

  • >80 000 tons

    Of copper cathodes produced

  • >65 000 tons

    Of copper wire produced

  • >45 000 tons

    Of copper conductor produced


For storage of constant reserves

Own vehicle fleet

For in-time delivery of products

>600 persons

That provide continuity of work